Little Chic Travel Experience – speak english?

Traveling far and wide with my trolley and sharing every emotion and photography through social and blog, I often find myself thinking how beautiful it would be if you could live exactly the same experiences that I live.
Not just virtually, but for real!

That’s why Little Chic Travel Experience born.

But, what’s Little Chic Travel Experience?

Little Chic Travel Experience is a project that gives birth to a series of unique journeys. I’ll take care of every little detail.

You know the frosting on a cupcake? The cocoa on the top of your cappuccino? The whip cream on your gelato?
They’re all details, right, but damn how they make everything better!

I like to think of Little Chic Travel Experience as if it were icing on a cake.
You can eat a cake without icing exactly as you can leave for the weekend without booking a Little Chic Travel Experience.
But why should you do that, if you can have icing too?

You can decide, every different time, to leave with me to experience the most chic, girly, exclusive and social sides of the chosen destinations.

From the hotel where you’ll sleep to the restaurant where you’ll have lunch, passing by shopping tours, unique experiences and Instagram worthy stops.
The aim is to have fun, capturing the best of every single moment.

What does a Little Chic Travel Experience includes?

Usually the participation fee for a Little Chic Travel Experience includes:

Curious? Discover more!

Read the program of our next trip: on March 2019 we’re leaving again for London!

Or write an email to and ask me anything that comes to your mind.

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